Our Expertise

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Emotion Analysis

  • Clustering

  • Text analytics

  • Classification

Working with EOSC

  • Co-programmed Partnership

  • Open Science

  • Effective stakeholder forum

  • Enhance existing frameworks

  • Resourcing models

  • International initiatives

Artificial Intelligence for Public Policy 

AI4PublicPolicy is a joint effort of policymakers and Cloud/AI experts to leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence and deliver an Open Cloud platform for automated, scalable, transparent and citizen-centric policy management based on unique AI technologies. 

The project complements public policy development functionalities and ensures the effective transition from legacy policy development models to emerging AI-based policymaking by addressing 8 macro-objectives:

  • Reference models and processes for automated, transparent and citizen-centric policy management based on AI
  • Increased automation and efficiency in policy development through AI-based tools
  • Re-purpose, reuse and link AI-based policies and datasets across various domains
  • Transparent, interpretable and trusted policy development
  • Citizen and business-centric policy developments, evaluation and optimisation
  • AI4PublicPolicy VPME’s integration with EOSC/EGI cloud & HPC resources
  • Validation and evaluation in real-life use cases addressing different policy domains
  • Pan-European market platform supported by novel business models for AI-based policymaking

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