The word “artificial intelligence” may conjure up images of a futuristic robotic world, but artificial intelligence is already a reality. Technology breakthroughs are exponentially flooding the marketplace and companies are having to quickly implement these developments in order to stay competitive. Essentially, the question is not, “will” companies be outcompeted if they don’t invest in intelligence tech but “when”?

In a recent article in Forbes, Artificial Intelligence Is Already Here, But Is Your Business Ready For It?, the author states,

“Savvy business leaders are asking their teams important questions that will keep their organizations ahead of the game and will by default drive AI adoption: What tech can we adopt to maximize the effectiveness of each employee? What data-driven systems exist out there to help our teams make more accurate, timely and impactful decisions? Is someone building a turnkey software that can allow my small team to compete with the global powerhouses out there? These questions and others like them will ensure that organizations benefit from the artificial intelligence boom that is already permeating their industry in quiet but massively impactful ways.”

One of the ways AI is becoming accessible to companies are platforms that take Big Data and turn it into understandable narratives. Big Data is very popular topic now. Companies spend thousands of dollars to purchase Big Data, but it has become perfectly clear to those corporate pioneers who got on the Big Data bandwagon first, that the information needs to be broken down into easily understandable insights in order to be implemented into marketing strategies. This is where language technologies like Natural language processing (NLP) and algorithms like Named Entity Recognition (NER) can turn this Big Data into insights that will give companies a competitive edge.

reportbrain takes Big Data and uses Natural language processing (NLP) and algorithms like Named Entity Recognition (NER) on its platform. Try it out and see the difference in your search results.

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