Out with the old and in with the new. Even politicians have found it increasingly obligatory to change strategic campaigning to develop with the technological advances of the time. Big data has proven to be an essential tool for tracking the ground efforts of campaign projects. Although traditional ways of campaigning, such as volunteers going door to door are still in full effect, it has become blatantly obvious that data analytics provide campaign teams the information necessary to create strategic decisions for the direction of a campaign.  The amount of information being shared daily has presented a problem for campaign teams to stay on top of developments in the political realm, in order to gather, organize and analyze data, it is now necessary to invest in intelligence platforms such as reportbrain. Through reportbrain, personal newspapers on relevant political campaign topics can be designed so that time won’t be wasted searching the web for updates. The report feature creates an organized platform for a professional way of sharing important information with the entire campaign team.

“Data analytics right now is sort of a bit of the flavor of the month” -Jeremy Broadhurst .

Read more:  http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2015/05/31/canadian-political-parties-are-embracing-big-data-on-the-campaign-trail.html


What is reportbrain?

reportbrain is an integrative start-to-finish intelligence platform that helps you process information for insightful business decisions.

reportbrain allows users to:

  • Search Global News: find all you need from across the web and from thousands of sources across the globe.
  • Analyze In-Depth: learn first, every facet of your market by understanding relationships in key developments.
  • Report in Style: drag-and-drop articles and add your own editorials to communicate information effectively.


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