Big Data Takes Flight

When it is said that Big Data is the new buzz word, it is because Big Data plays a vital role in more than just consulting or market research industries. The vast amount of information overflowing the web is being monitored and analyzed in every industry imaginable. In recent news Matthew Bromberg, president of Pratt & Whitney After market, announced that the company has been using Big Data for the last year in order to improve their engines. The company is a principal player in manufacturing, service, and aircraft design, and in order to remain a global leader Big Data analytics is essential. In a recent article on, Matthew Bomberg stated:

“In only one year, we have expanded our capabilities in big data exponentially, Improving the performance of our engines and maintenance predictability are two critical components of optimizing the value we give our customers.”

Not only are companies that produce aircraft engines using Big Data to their advantage, but the airlines themselves are as well. An article released by Forbes discussed how Big Data is growing in the aviation industry, the also articles states:

“Based on an analysis of International Air Transport Association (IATA) the leading cause of late flights (42%) are based on airline-controlled processes, such as maintenance. Every hour the aircraft is not in operation costs the airline operator an average of $10,000.”

Through the use of data analytical tools, airline companies can gather maintenance related information, organize it, and report it in order to cut back on issues that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. The Forbes article also states:

“Predictive analysis can also help turn huge amount of maintenance-relevant data (whether machine data from sensors or logistic information from ERP systems) into actionable information, helping ensure that maintenance technicians execute the right work steps at the right time and with the right tools.”

In order to utilize the information in the best possible way, it is essential to have the right tools. reportbrain can understand and analyze data from every industry, and has the necessary tools in order to organize and report the collected information in an efficient and easy way. Predictive analysis is leading the way in the aviation industry helping companies avoid maintenance issues and save thousands on delays.

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