Our Team

reportbrain drives knowledge for smart business.

Our vision is to augment human knowledge.

Your ability to make decisions is related directly to the information you find, and how you use it.

Reportbrain is a knowledge engine that helps you make better decisions.

Reportbrain uses cutting-edge, proprietary technology based on NLP (Natural Language Processing), advanced clustering methods, and NER (Named Entity Recognition) algorithms. We are proud to provide the most comprehensive knowledge platform in the market at less than half the price of our competitors.

We believe in knowledge!
We create beautifully designed intelligent tools so our users distill information and make data driven decisions with confidence.

Our mission


reportbrain has been built by a team of bright, diverse, creative and motivated professionals with years of collective experience in computer science, mathematics, engineering, and business strategy & management.

Winner of the European
Market Intelligence award

2nd Place Winner
MITEF startup award