We have so much data, mountains and mountains of data. In fact, there’s so much, the name ‘Big Data’ doesn’t even do it justice. Maybe we should call it humongous data or at least enormous data. Yet for all this data, it seems we are lost in those piles of data, no closer to the answers that are supposed to solve our most fundamental business and social problems.

Having this enormous amount of data is after all supposed to give us a huge competitive advantage. In fact, MIT professor and author Andrew McAfee is fond of saying we would be better off listening to the data instead of the organizational HIPPO, the highest paid person’s opinion. In most organizations, McAfee says, the person at the top who has risen there because of their depth of experience, uses that experience and intuition to make the company’s biggest decisions, but he says we don’t have to look to the HIPPO necessarily because the answer can be found in the data.

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