Skip the Reactive and Go Proactive: Big Data Equals Big Security

The discussion over security issues continues to stir up controversial debate; however, cyber security is becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain. Recent studies by MeriTalk, a government IT network, has shown that there is a gap in security information that is leaving leeway for undetected hackers to bypass security walls developed online. A recent article by Business Solutions says:

“According to the survey, 90 percent of respondents stated that they currently work with incomplete cybersecurity data, and, as a result, 76 percent report taking a reactive rather than a proactive approach to security.”

The utilization of Big Data to fill the missing gap plays a vital role in moving in a proactive direction rather than reactive direction. According to Business Wire:

“By leveraging big data and analytics, government cyber security professionals say they could better detect a breach that is in process (61 percent), monitor streams of data in real time (51 percent), and conduct a conclusive root-cause analysis following a breach (49 percent).”

MariTalk has provided the full study that is starting a buzz on Big Data in the cybersecurity field. The recently released information shows:

“Government organizations have access to a wealth of cyber threat information; the challenge is managing that data and connecting the dots in real time. That’s how we get immediate insight into threats. Agencies need to detect threats faster and start to predict when and how they will occur.”

reportbrain makes analyzing and reporting real-time Big Data fast and easy. It can be the key to reducing the gap that allows insecurity on the internet, and will switch users from a reactive to proactive mindset. Government organizations are finding it challenging to keep up to speed and organize data fast efficiently in order to get the insight to any cyber threats. reportbrain features unique algorithms that understand data the humans do. This provides users with real-time, accurate results. Big data analytics is the key to a successful combat against any potential cyber threats. MariTalk states:

“86 percent of government cyber pros say big data analytics will help”

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