Leaping into a new business adventure, or even setting out to expand an existing one, requires a great deal of investment. The competitive market has no mercy for those that are not willing to dedicate their time and money towards a long term investment plan. For anyone that has ever jumped off the deep end and started a new business, they know that sleep is not an option, market research is their social life, and coffee is their new best friend. The business environment has evolved from the traditional forms of advertisement into the technologically advanced galaxy of the internet.

The internet has paved the way for Big Data, and has pushed the entrepreneur towards the edge of a cliff; leaving them with no choice, but to dive into big data pools filled with the competition that are also fighting to stay afloat. This has led to the development of high-impact real-time market intelligence platforms, such as reportbrain. reportbrain has leading intelligence technology to help businesses stay afloat in this swim or sink market.

The volume of data that is now publicly available requires advanced research tools in order to be organized, de-duplicated, analyzed, and reported in an effective way. reportbrain effectively helps businesses manage high volumes of fast-moving data, in an organized, easy to use system.

“In order to capitalize on Big Data, the data center needs to be sufficiently modern to handle high volumes of fast-moving, diverse data more effectively and data center management tools need to be able to handle both on premises and cloud solutions .”

Read more: http://www.cio.co.uk/sponsored-article/enterprise-apps/making-sense-of-big-data-3610363/?otc=105


What is reportbrain?

reportbrain is an integrative start-to-finish intelligence platform that helps you process information for insightful business decisions.

reportbrain allows you to:

  • Search Global News: find all you need from across the web and from thousands of sources across the globe.
  • Analyze In-Depth: learn first every facet of your market by understanding relationships in key developments.
  • Report in Style: drag-and-drop articles and add your own editorials to communicate information effectively.


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