More and more companies are investing in analytics software in order to follow market news and analyze the rapidly changing market. Less than five years ago, the estimated return on investment (ROI) was calculated to be $10.66 for every dollar spent, and just a few years later the number has increased by $2.45. As big data continues to grow, it has become increasingly necessary to find alternative ways to stay ahead of competitors.  It has come to the attention of many business owners that investing an extra buck on analytics tools will help, not only to prepare for changes in the market, but also to save money spent on the impossible task of keeping a 24-hour watch on the news and interactions of their market sector. Instead, the time can be utilized to analyze the results and plan for the future. This gives a business the competitive advantage they may need to stay on top of their market.

Through reportbrain, a high-impact, real-time intelligence platform,  users have the ability to discover, analyze and report on the ever changing market in order to generate and communicate knowledge tailored to individual needs in a reliable, fast and easy way. Investing now means avoiding surprising market changes that could be the road bump
between a successful or unsuccessful business venture.

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What is reportbrain?

reportbrain is an integrative start-to-finish intelligence platform that helps you process information for insightful business decisions.

reportbrain allows you to:

  • Search Global News: find all you need from across the web and from thousands of sources across the globe.
  • Analyze In-Depth: learn first every facet of your market by understanding relationships in key developments.
  • Report in Style: drag-and-drop articles and add your own editorials to communicate information effectively.