According to MIT Technology Review , every two years the amount of new data being created on the Internet is doubling, but an astonishing amount of it remains underutilized. The Market Intelligence sector is becoming the cornerstone of every organization, and is a necessity to their survival. In order for a company to expand and gain a competitive edge, it is essential that they remain informed and active on trending information. Collecting data and transforming it into information is the foundation of an organization’s ability to understand and look “outwards” into its respective markets. reportbrain, a high-impact intelligence platform, retrieves current news in real-time, enables and assists individual market research and incorporates reporting technology. Technology does what the human mind cannot.

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What is reportbrain?

reportbrain is an integrative start-to-finish intelligence platform that helps you process information for insightful business decisions.

reportbrain allows users to:

  • Search Global News: find all you need from across the web and from thousands of sources across the globe.
  • Analyze In-Depth: learn first, every facet of your market by understanding relationships in key developments.
  • Report in Style: drag-and-drop articles and add your own editorials to communicate information effectively.

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